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Teatro Dom Roberto is part of the traditional Portuguese puppet theatre repertoire, classified in 2021 as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Portugal.

Its origin dates back to the 17th century, introduced in Portugal by Italian and French puppeteers, influenced by the Italian Commedia dell'Arte. It was adapted to the Portuguese cultural reality following the European tradition of popular heroes with the character Dom Roberto who is capable of defeating death itself. A relevant characteristic in all the characters is the distorted voice through the use of a reed. Their repertoire is brought to our days by the hands of puppet masters who have wandered from place to place and have passed on to us the testimony of this tradition that we try to preserve.

Valdevinos teatro de marionetas includes in its repertoire the plays "O Barbeiro Diabólico", "A Tourada à Portuguesa", "Rosa e os Três Namorados" and "O Castelo dos Fantasmas", belonging to the traditional repertoire and adds two new original stories "O Pescador" and "O Moleiro e o Burro".

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