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An adaptation of the homonymous book by José Jorge Letria. This book is part of the National Reading Plan.

M / 4


"If I ever want to become a writer, I will have to be, first of all, a great reader ..."


“Francisco didn't even want to believe what his eyes saw. In the vegetable garden at the bottom of the yard, pieces of leaves with printed words and even some spines of books had begun to come out of the soft earth. What would be happening in your backyard, where everything seemed to live in the greatest peace and harmony, with no space or time for inexplicable events? ”

"O Canteiro dos Livros" tells the relationship of complicity and mystery, which becomes a well-kept secret between a boy and a flower bed in which, in addition to flowers, books are born.




Show: The Bookcase | Author: José Jorge Letria Music: Paulo Marques Adaptation / Staging: Fernando Cunha Interpretation: Fernando Cunha Sound / Light Technique: Pedro Machado
Puppets, scenery and props: Ana Pinto and Fernando Cunha
Seamstress: Maria Conde Graphic / web design: Norma Carvalho
Photography: André Reis Production Management: Ana Pinto
Executive Production: Margarida Coelho

Technique: glove puppets

Age Rating: Over 4 years

Duration: 50 minutes

available shows

for roaming on 2021/22

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