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A story about the importance of forests in preserving the environment.

M / 4


Silvestre is the Guard of the Fabulous Forest. Everyone is very grateful because they know that they are safe with him. But one day, Silvestre receives a letter of resignation, from the Ministry of Occupations in Extinction. And now? What to do so that everyone who lives in the forest remains protected?

“Floresta” is a fabulous narration in which the characters, inhabitants of the forest, maintain a dialogue between themselves and that is linked to the life story of each one, in the struggle for survival.

It focuses on the importance of the Forest Guard, the forest and the animals that live in it and how we can live in harmony with everything and everyone, respecting what is most important on our planet: Nature.

This show aims to contribute to bringing children closer to the Forest, awakening on the one hand a deeper knowledge of the natural space and on the other hand raising awareness of respect for forests.



Show: Floresta Authorship: Fernando Cunha Staging: Valdevinos
Original music: Norma Carvalho Actors: Ana Peres and Fernando Cunha Puppets, props and costumes: Ana Pinto Scenography: Ana Pinto and Fernando Cunha Graphic / web design: Norma Carvalho
Production Director: Ana Pinto Executive Production: Margarida Coelho

Technique: glove and direct handling

Age Rating: Over 4 years

Duration: 40 minutes

available shows

for roaming on 2021/22

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